Heartland Mystery

My friend's daughter is in love with the TV Show/book series called Heartland. And she is also a big fan of the board game Clue. I came up with the idea of combining the two for a birthday gift for her. But in the game of Clue, somebody gets murdered, and we couldn't have that happening in the Heartland Universe! So in this game, somebody won a trophy for a horse race, but they misplace it, and you have to help find it!

The game features 6 characters, 6 horses, and 9 Heartland locations:

• Amy
• Georgie
• Jack
• Lou
• Tim
• Ty
• Harley
• Paint
• Pegasus
• Phoenix
• Spartan
• Sugarfoot
• Briar Ridge
• Heartland Ranch House
• Lou & Peter's House
• Maggie's Diner
• The Barn
• The Chicken Coop
• The Loft
• The Training Pen
• The Vet

How to Play

Install Instructions

1 - Create a folder on your computer called "Heartland Mystery"
2 - Download the game as a ZIP file here: hmgame.zip
3 - Open the "hmgame.zip" file after you downloaded it.
4 - Copy the 4 files in the ZIP file to the "Heartland Mystery" folder you created on your computer.
5 - There is a file called "Heartland Mystery Card Sheet.pdf" that you can print if you are going to play with multiple people.
6 - To start the game, double click on the program file "HeartlandMystery.exe"

Player Setup Screen

If you're playing by yourself

If you're playing the game by yourself, select which character you want to play as by clicking "Person" next to their picture, then, type your name. If you'd like all the other 5 players to be played by the computer, then leave their mark at "Computer". If you'd like to turn off any of the other computer player, then move their mark to "Not Playing."

There is a Card Sheet that is in the game that you will use to keep track of your guesses. You can show or hide this Card Sheet at any time during the game.

If you're playing with others

On the first screen, you will see all 6 characters in the game. By default, all 6 of them will be computer players. Each person will select their player by clicking on "Person" and then typing their name in. If you'd like to turn off some of the computer characters, then click on "Not Playing" for that character.

Each player will need a printed copy of the Card Sheet. The computer will tell each person what cards they have. As this happens, the computer will tell the other players to not look at the screen, so each person's cards will be kept secret.

As the computer tells you which cards you have been dealt, write the word "me" on your Heartland Mystery Card Sheet next to each card.


During each player's turn, they will be able to roll the dice and move towards one of the different Heartland Mystery locations in order to make a guess.

The corner locations have secret passageways that you can use to quickly travel to other locations.

When you're ready to make your final guess, move to the center island.

You can email me at TobyQuan@Hotmail.com

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