A Time to Warp

Acoders Indie Game Making Competition 2004 Entry

I entered the Acoders Indie Game Making Competition 2004 and won 3rd place!!!


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The very nice review that the judges gave my game.

This game takes you back in time through Video Game History! It's basically the same game, represented in 5 different video game eras:


A text based game using the only 6 colors that were available on the Apple II, which came out in 1977.


A low resolution, slow moving game using Atari 2600 colors.


A pole-position syle game, using Commodore 64 colors. This game was inspired by Pole Position for the C64 and Road Blazer for the Arcades.


A 3D game, using low-poly models with no textures.


A 3D game, using high-poly models, with textures, fog effects, and ligting.

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Freeware Game Download!

Click Here to Download the latest and greatest version. (13,723,147 bytes).

This ZIP contains the most recent version of "A Time to Warp", as well as the new beta version of "A Time to Warp 2".

Click Here to see the Version History.

This game was written in DarkBasic Classic, and it requires DirectX 7 to be installed on your computer.

Game Music

I was searching the internet for 8-bit information. I came across this fantastic website called 8bitpeoples.com. It features tons of cool 8-bit music that people have recently made. One song that really caught my attention was "When a Child is Bored", which was a VIC20 song written by VIM in 2003. I contacted VIM and asked him if I could use his song for this game, and he agreed.

Vim's website is located at http://www.vimster.demon.co.uk.

All songs in this game were created by VIM.

Development Screen Shots - Behind the Scenes

This is the 1982 game, based on the Atari 2600. The orange color used in this game look more peach than orange, but those were the actual colors used on the macine, so I stuck with it. - July 20, 2004
This is the 1992 game. The 3D model used for the car is a model I made of my car, which is a blue, 1998 Chevy Cavaleer. - July 22, 2004
To make this moving background, I wrote another program to create these 4 images that simply repeat themselves. Each of the 4 pictures took 3.7 hours to generate, so this entire effect took over 14 to create! - July 23, 2004
Title Screen Prototype - July 23, 2004
It took 2 hours to get the tires to turn properly on the 1997 game. I had to draw dots around the tire and spin it slowly to make sure it wasn't wobbling. - July 25, 2004
This was an early shot of the 1987 game. The sky was black in this game until the very end of the competition. Right before this game was submitted, a blue sky was finally added to this part of the game. The car shown in this picture was scapped as well. Notice also how smooth the white lines are! I decided to make them more blocky. - July 30, 2004
This was an early shot of the 1997 game. Of course it started out as simply a copy of the 1992 game. You can see the same trees and grass in this development picture! - July 31, 2004
Here is a night version of the 1997 game. The screen here is very dark, except for where the car's headlights are pointing. - July 31, 2004
This is the 1987 game, once it was nearly completed. Most people don't realize that when you shoot in this version of the game, the bullets can only fly right down the middle of a lane. If you are driving right on the line, for instance, when you shoot, the bullet will either move to the left or to the right so that it can shoot down the center of that lane. - July 31, 2004
This was part of the crashing sequence. Only the 1987 game shows the car crashing. I didn't have time to put in similar effects on the other games. - July 31, 2004
This was the first low-res pictures designed for the 1977 game. The graphics were stored simply as numbers in an array. In the actual game, I changed the colors so that only the 6 Apple II colors would be used. - August 1, 2004
This text-only version of the game didn't work well the 3D objects also used by this program. Once 3D objects were loaded into the game, the text didn't display properly. To fix the problem, while this text game is being played, the 3D camera was resized to be only one pixel high and one pixel wide, and it was placed in the top-left hand corner of the screen! - August 1, 2004
Since red wasn't one of the colors I could for this game, the red sphere was simply a white circle. The player would have to use their imagination! Later, I put the word "RED" in the middle of it to help the player along. - August 1, 2004
I decided to make a monochrome version of this game for hard mode. It's all green and black! - August 2, 2004
This was the screen I designed for when the player warps through time. This game handles the moving between time periods very nicely. It remembers the last 3 time periods you have been to, and so it won't send you back to one of those. That helps keep the changing between time periods varied. - August 6, 2004
On the very last day of the competition, I worked on texturing the 1997 version of the game. The trees in this picture were eventually replaced with street lights. - August 7, 2004
This was a night-time shot of the 1997 game. Notice the blue sky? That is the default DarkBasic backdrop. I never got around to putting up a real sky! - August 7, 2004
This is the Main Title Screen. - August 8, 2004
I used to have a panel on the side of the screen that told the player what color they needed to get next. I removed it because I didn't like it. Well, after popular demand, I added it back to the game! - August 9, 2004
I put in an evening background for the 1997 Easy game on A Time to Warp 2. - September 13, 2004
I put in a moonlit background for the 1997 Hard game on A Time to Warp 2. - September 13, 2004
Manticore Night donated some crash graphics for the 1992 crashing sequence on A Time to Warp 2! - September 17, 2004
Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the 1992 game with the camera zoomed out quite a bit. In this game, the car actually never moves forward! The trees, the lines in the road, and the boxes in the road all move down the screen, while the player stays still, giving the illusion of movement! - September 18, 2004
Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the 1997 game with the camera zoomed out quite a bit. This picture makes it look just like a play! - September 18, 2004
When the camera is zommed out, we can see that the 1997 game is vertically about 1000 units directly above the 1992 game! - September 18, 2004
Manticore Night donated an explosion 3D model for the 1997 crashing sequence on A Time to Warp 2! - September 18, 2004
I added the number of lives to the panel that is on the right side of the screen. - September 26, 2004
I added White orbs to the game. When you get a White Orb, you will get an extra life. However, the game will limit you to five lives. - September 26, 2004
I added brown orbs to the game. When you drive into or shoot at a brown Orb, you will lose all of the orbs you have collected, and you'll have to start over at red. - October 4, 2004
When you drive into or shoot a brown orb, a sound plays, indicating trouble! - October 4, 2004
The 1997 Easy game now takes place in Minneapolis, Minnesota! You can even see the "Town Hall Toaster" building in the skyline! - October 13, 2004
The 1997 Medium game now takes place in London, England! - October 13, 2004
I added better graphics to the 1987 games. Backgrounds include Mount Hood in Oregon, downtown Syndey Australia, and a sunset from a Jamacian Beach. - October 23, 2004
I recreated the 1987 medium level. Now, it has an ancient Egyptian theme! - October 25, 2004
I recreated the 1987 easy level's picture of Mount Hood to make it look more like it was created in 1987. - October 28, 2004
I recreated the 1987 hard level. Now, it takes place on the Moon! - October 28, 2004
I added the ability for the player to override the background graphics for the 1982 game. - October 28, 2004
I added the ability for the player to override the background graphics for the 1987 game. - October 28, 2004
I began work on a new "Tripped Out Mode". In the 1982 game, the game shifts completely off of the screen whenever you uncover an orb that you need. - December 17, 2004
In the Tripped Out 1987 game, the road is upside down, and a pair of sinister eyes looks on you. - December 17, 2004
The 1992 Tripped Out game comes complete with randomly sized trees, and colored orbs that drift off of the screen after you shoot the boxes. - December 27, 2004
The colored orbs keep switching their colors in the 1997 Tripped Out game. - January 5, 2005

Source Code is available!

I am releasing the entire source code for this game into the public domain. It was compiled using Dark Basic v1.13.

Click Here to Download the latest and greatest version of the source code. (16,875 bytes).

Scott Nelson, a.k.a. TobyQuan can be reached at TobyQuan@HotMail.com

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